Naples and provence

This tour begins by taking you directly into the heart of Naples. Our suggestions, Theatre San Carlo, Piazza Plebiscito, Royal Palace, Church of Francesco & Paola, Cathedral San Gennaro – inside the chapel “San Severo” is the sculpture of “Christo Velato”. Museum Capodimonte and Archaeological Museum. With Massimo and Tony as your drivers they will be able to accompany you to all these historical buildings in your own time and convenience. Heading towards the port, which sits in the gulf of Naples you  will see the “Medieval Fort” boasting 6 towers named the “Castello Sant Elmo” Castle Saint Elmo.

With so much to see and experience the guidance of Max and Massimo  by your side you will truly admire this great city and larger than life Neapolitans!

Heading towards the heart of Campania, we have the Royal palace of Caserta, with its baroque style architecture it has  over 1.200 rooms, of all the royal residences inspired by the palace of Versailles, Caserta palace bears the greatest resemblance. Once the home of Napoleon, it has over 40 monumental rooms with frescoes. The garden is over 120 acres, which includes various gardens, fountains and in particular the famous “Grande Cascata”. Just a short distance away we have the Abbey of “Monte Cassino” founded by St Benedict. This monastery has had a troubled history, suffering from repeated attacks, pillage, and natural disasters. Most recently, it was the site of a terrible battle during WW2 that resulted in a great loss of life and complete destruction of the monastic buildings. At the base of “Monte Cassino” is the Commonwealth War Cemetery, more than 16.000 soldiers of ww1 and over 107.000 ww2 from overall 32 nations are buried here. In the fight against each other, cruelly their lives were robbed, now in death they are quietly united, and together they warn about the scars of war.

Max and Massimo owner/driver of amalficoastourselect will transport you to all these historical places of interest. By him for you.