About Us

Max and Massimo were born in Sorrento. Growing up together and during their teen years, had summer jobs working in various bars and restaurants.

Winter months they went abroad Massimo in USA and Max to the UK.

They didn’t see each other again for almost twenty years,until they literally bumped into eachother in Sorrento, swapping stories and great memories from the past, they discovered that they had both returned to Sorrento within a few years of eachother and had families of their own.

Since creating amalficoastourselect Max and Massimo wanted to provide a more intimate experience that didn’t involve big groups and clockwatching, which is why we only have a maximum of 8 people.

With this in mind, we have lots of possibilities to stop wherever we want along the Amalfi coast and of course Max and Massimo being local are very proud to show you not only this Beautiful Coastline but also lunch (included) in the oldest village of Scala.

It’s true there are a lot of agencies in Sorrento that “Do what we Do” which is why we believe “Less is More”.

With this in mind we guarantee Punctuality, Comfort, Security and above all Professional Service.